Shot put sector markings

Shot Put Circle Dimensions

  1. A ring 2.135 metres in diameter with a raised edge
    approximately 20mm high.
  2. The shot is put from a circle into a sector of 34.92 degrees.
  3. The inside diameter of the circle is 2.135 metres.
  4. All lines used to mark the sector are 5cm wide.
  5. A line 75cm long is drawn each side of the circle, extending
    from a theoretical line through the centre of the circle
  6. Fixed to the front is a curved solid stop board. The board shall
    measure 11.2cm to 30cm wide, with a chord of 1.21m
    (±0.01m) for an arc of the same radius as the circle and 10cm
    (±0.2cm) high in relation to the level of the inside of the circle.
    Sector marking out for discus, javelin and shot put
    Ideally, three people will be available to lay out the sector lines, located in positions X, Y and Z. Point X is the
    centre of the circle. Stretch out the measuring tapes or strings so that they are straight and taut, with the
    correct XY and YZ lengths. In short the distance between the 2 sector lines YZ is 60% of the length of the
    sector line XY. This is seen in the table below.
    The person in position X will then direct Y and Z to the left or right, in unison, to centre the sector on the
    throwing circle or runway:
  7. For shot put, the centring should be done on the stop board. (See shot put toe boards on Amazon)
  8. For discus, the centring can be done relative to the circle dividing lines or the opening of the
    throwing cage, whichever is more symmetrical and easier to measure from.
  9. For javelin, the centring should be done on the points where the foul arc intersects the runway
    XY 10m 20m 30m 40m 50m
    YZ 6m 12m 18m 24m 30m

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Watch the video below to learn how to setup the shot put sector markings.

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