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Shot Putter

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If you want to throw further in the shot put, you need to generate as much power as possible. You will be able to generate power from the strength and acceleration of the push in your arm and shoulder muscles, the strength and acceleration that you will generate through your hip hinge, and any additional momentum that you generate from the lead into the put attempt.

One of the ways to improve your speed and the acceleration to put the shot is using the gliding technique.

The glide technique allows you to generate forward momentum so that there is already momentum that can be used to put the shot forward.

What should you consider when doing the gliding technique for the shot put.

  1. Put the shot on your neck.
  2. Lift one foot in the air behind you.
  3. Bend your knee on your front leg so that it is bent in a way like you are doing a 3/4 squat.
  4. Hop backwards to generate momentum.
  5. Snap the front leg to hip hinge and generate more forward momentum. At the same time, put the shot. Make sure you don’t go over the front.

Record yourself on video to see how your technique is.

You can watch this video below for a more thorough demonstration.

You will need to work on the components to generate as much power in the lead-up to the throw/put.

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