Shot put sector markings

Shot putCircle dimensions A ring 2.135 metres in diameter with a raised edgeapproximately 20mm high. The shot is put from a circle into a sector of 34.92 degrees. The inside diameter of the circle is 2.135 metres. All lines used to mark the sector are 5cm wide. A line 75cm long is drawn each side …

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Where to hold the shot

Shot put tips for beginners

To maximize your ability to throw the shot put further, you need to hold the shot using your fingers and not all the way in the palm of your hand. Your fingers should be spread around the shot for support. And the shot should be held within the base of your fingers. You will hold …

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Shot put glide technique

Shot Putter

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you want to throw further in the shot put, you need to generate as much power as possible. You will be able to generate power from the strength and acceleration of the push in your arm and shoulder muscles, the strength and acceleration that you will generate through …

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Best Shot Put Shoes

VS Power Throw Shot Put Shoes

Depending on the stage that you are at in the shot put, you will want to consider the best type of shot put shoes that will help you generate more power to throw further in the shot put. You need to assess whether or not you will benefit from wearing shot put shoes first. This …

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