PureTorque Ab Trainer


A revolutionary breakthrough in abdominal exercise.

Scientifically tested, the PureTorque® is designed to assist athletes already at the top of their game gain that extra rotational edge. With PureTorque®, you will increase your core’s ability to produce force, allowing you to drive a ball further, swing a bat faster, and throw harder.

Unlike other abdominal rotation exercises, the PureTorque® directs all force straight to your core. This innovative approach provides the most efficient – and safest – way to train your core muscles and improve your overall physical performance.

Easy to use and requiring no setup, the PureTorque® is light and portable, providing you with a gym quality workout no matter where you are.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our 30-day money back guarantee has you covered. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with PureTorque.


 – Light and portable
– Comfortable for all sizes and ages
– Just as effective at home as in the gym
– Quick and easy setup

Weight: 6 lbs
Dimension: 19″ × 12″ × 8″

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped out from our warehouse within 48 hours. Our expected shipping time is between 2-6 days depending on where you are located.


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